What is Earn Money
While You Learn?

We offer curated and specialized Degree programs in UG, PG, Diploma, and Certificate courses from globally recognized universities. Our Work and study programs integrate an online university program with on-the-job training or work experience with an employer. Earn Money While You Learn Program assists learners to reduce the burden of paying the course fee and offer an opportunity to work before they complete their course. Techno Dot Academy offers a dual program incorporating employment, entrepreneurship and skill development training, or apprenticeship with their studies. Our aim is to make students job-ready before they complete their UG, PG, Diploma, and Certificate programs.

  • Avail Techno Dot Academy’s Earn Money While You Learn

  • Entrepreneurship and skill development

  • Apprenticeship opportunities along with your program for free


Our work-integrated learning solutions assist in integrating employability into their curriculum. Techno Dot Academy offers job opportunities for the students who enroll in our dual programs in our associated companies. It is a chance for the students to gain work experience in the field of their study. We also offer scholarships for the selected students and assist them to earn money to pay their course expenses.


The objective of the Entrepreneurship/Skill Development Program is to enhance the skills of existing employees, entrepreneurs, and new employees. The skill development programs aim to strengthen the entrepreneurship power of an individual so that they run their business with enhanced abilities. We offer software, management, finance and sales-related training to help learners build skills that are strategically aligned with the company’s business goals, accelerate their business performance, and become job-ready employees.


The apprenticeship-embedded courses give students the necessary hands-on learning experience that contributes to the development of their soft skills, and the stipend so earned reduces the cost of the course. Our apprenticeship programs train and provide work experience for the students along with their studies. Before completing the Diploma/Bachelor’s/Master’s program students get a chance to complete their apprenticeship at Techno Dot Academy-associated companies.

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