Techno Dot Academy introduces
Work and Study programs

In the changing competitive world, traditional text based curriculum and education may not help a student to meet the criteria set by employers. The rapidly growing industry demands a pool of talents possessing employable skills. We have reanalyzed the general theory-based curriculum and applied a technology-based approach in our learning sessions to empower the students with useful IT skills, a higher level of problem solving ability, interpersonal skills, and the ability to research and innovation. 


Techno Dot Academy offers a job opportunity for the students who enroll in our dual programs with our associated companies. It is a chance for the students to gain work experience in the field of their study. We assist students to earn money to pay their course expenses.


Dual programs integrate academic study with training or real world industry experiences. We provide training for the students to enhance their skill and get ready for their desired job.


Our internship programs train and provide work experience for the students along with their studies. Before completing the Diploma/Bachelors/Masters program students get a chance to complete their internships at Techno Dot Academy associated companies.

Intergrate your online University Bachelor;'s Master's Degree Programs
with Employment, Training or an intership.

Our Work and study programs integrate an online university program with on-the-job training or work experience with an employer. Techno Dot Academy offers a dual program incorporating employment or training or internships with their studies. The program curriculum is connected to the job.

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