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The consulting industry is multifaceted. From strategy consulting to social media consulting, different types of consultants excavate every part of a business. At techno Dot Academy, our innovation consulting accelerates your business and empowers your team of employees. We identifying the areas of weakness and strategize and innovate them to the areas of strength. As an innovation consulting industry, we recommend the right business solutions and enable the industry to upgrade to the next level.  Our business actions not only fit into your industry but also improve the quality of the workflow.

Our combination of linear and no linear thinking creates insightfulness and opportunity.  We thrive on digging deeper to understand the big picture and using logic and creativity and provide solutions that move you forward in unexpected ways.

Why Innovation Consulting

Innovation Consultancy Services

Guiding Challenging and thinking differently about your creative innovation process.

Diversification, business and innovation brainstorming and planning.

Business innovation transformation, reshaping and changes management.

International recruitment strategies, talent acquisition, upskilling and education.

Innovation implementation and Dynamic Studio set up.

The Approach

There are a number of ways in which innovation consultants aid organizations in fostering an environment that is conducive to innovation. The role of the innovation consultant is not to create innovation, but to teach an organization how to be more innovative, so that innovation becomes organic.


innovation is key. An organization that is bogged down by politics or old-school methods has little chance of becoming innovative. Innovation consultants can look at an organization from an outside perspective to better identify where the problem areas are and apply their expertise to help eliminate those areas.


Businesses that start out as innovative ventures often scale to the extent that they lose their innovative edge. As they expand and focus on many offerings at once, they often reach the point where they must pour their resources into keeping the current business alive.


Oftentimes, R&D and L&D departments in an organization are blocked from truly innovating because of the organization’ s processes. Silos and bureaucracy will prevent good ideas from being heard and acted upon. Innovation consultants can help organizations


In order to stay even with competition, organizations struggling with innovation frequently attempt to imitate their competitors, going after the same target markets that their competitors do. Innovation consultants can help organizations identify new markets that are being underserved.

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