Professional Certification Course
AWS DevOps

Present-day organizations need to innovate quickly without compromising on quality and security. With AWS's robust cloud infrastructure, DevOps practices enable teams to automate manual tasks, simplify workflows, and maintain consistent environments, leading to faster deployment cycles and improved operational efficiency.


2 Months Course + 1 Months Internship



  • Certifications:

  • DevOps Principles in detail
  • DevOps Engineer Skills in the market
  • Knowing DevOps Delivery Pipeline
  • The market trend of DevOps
  • DevOps Technical Challenges
  • Tools we use in DevOps
  • Essentials of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud and virtualization architecture
  • Cloud deployment architecture
  • Cloud providers-An overview
  • Why we need DevOps on Cloud?
  • Introducing to Amazon Web Services
  • How to setup AWS account
  • Various AWS services for DevOps-An overview
  • DevOps using AWS-Demo
  • Associate DevOps Engineer
  • Jr DevOps Architect
  • DevOps Test Engineer
  • DevOps Cloud Engineer
A Promising Future Awaits

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Our AWS DevOps Certification Program provides you with the knowledge and hands-on skills in both AWS and DevOps. Learn from the best in the industry and become a certified AWS DevOps professional. Start your learning journey now!

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